Each project is different. So our team of academics, experts and industry professionals adapts to best respond to each challenge.

We create a bespoke team and advisory group for each project to bring the richest insight possible.

We bring together researchers with in-depth insight, sector and business leads with a broad understanding of opportunities for strategic development, the fresh and innovative thinking of students, and our core team of data scientists and designers.

Cat Magill

Programme Design and Development


James Stewart

james stewart

Lecturer in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies and ELL Co-Founder

Ewan Klein


Professor Emeritus of Language Technology and
ELL Co-Founder

Lecturer and Programme Director 'Design for Change' MA.
ELL Co-Founder

Arno Verhoeven

Sally Kerr

Public Sector Data Innovator.
ELL Co-Founder


Head of Strategy - Data-driven Innovation Programme.
ELL Co-Founder

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology and Chair in Technology-Enhanced Science Education in Biological Sciences. ParkLife Project Lead

Jonathan Silvertown

Simon Chapple

Head of Data Technology. CitySounds and ParkLife Technology Lead

Morgan Currie

Lecturer in Data and Society.
'Culture and Communities Mapping' Project Lead

Jenny Elliott

Urban Designer [CMLI], PhD Researcher.
Data and Design for Property Planning Community Design Lead

Andrew Kelloe

ParkLife Project Coordinator

Sara Tilley

Transport and Mobility Research Fellow.
Festival Mobility Project User Research Lead

Tourism and Festivals Sector Lead, Data-driven Innovation Programme.
Festival Mobility Project Data Lead.

Joshua Ryan-Saha

Andrey Elizondo

PhD Researcher.
Data and Design for Property Planning Project Researcher.

Xinyi Wu

PhD Researcher.
Festival Mobility Project Researcher.

Jenny Elliott

PhD Researcher.
Culture and Communities Mapping Project Researcher.

Benjamin Bach

Lecturer in Data Visualisation.
Data Vis for Inequality Project Lead.

Gemma Cassells

Public Services Sector Lead, Data-driven Innovation Programme