Active Travel in Inverleith

September 2014
November 2014

Throughout the autumn of 2014, we were involved in a 10-week pilot project with Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership: teams of Master students from the University of Edinburgh’s Design Informatics degree were experimenting with novel ideas for increasing the uptake of Active Travel: cycling and walking in Inverleith.

Data plays a central role in their projects: some of this consisted of existing datasets such as those published by the City of Edinburgh Council, but much of it was freshly collected during the course of the projects, using surveys, observation and digital techniques.

Brief overviews of the student projects:

Air Inverleith

Air Inverleith by team 4 Colours aims to encourage the community to cycle and walk more by raising awareness about air quality in the neighbourhood. The more people walk or cycle, the better the air quality will become, resulting in healthier and more pleasant communities. Read More ›

Brains on Bikes logo

Brains on Bikes

Do you feel stressed while cycling? You are not alone — many cyclists feel unsafe on roads. Brains on Bikes used Google Glass and Electroencephalography (EEG) headsets to investigate feelings of confidence and safety in 15 cyclists​. Read More ›

Rate Your Cycle Routes

Would you like detailed information about cycle routes near your home or maybe somewhere you have never been? Here comes Rate Your Cycle Routes by team Canve. Read More ›


Paths by team Beta Informatics is helping to make it greener, safer, and more fun to travel around Edinburgh. Our interactive tool lets people draw their regular journeys around the city, and shows patterns in terms of how other people travel around the Inverleith area. Read More ›

Green Spaces

Green Spaces by team Vertex asks how we can gather opinions and reflections from residents without being intrusive or annoying. What are the benefits of allowing them to submit continuous feedback at their own discretion and in their own time? Read More ›


WayOkay by team 3+1 aims to discover what makes cyclists feel unsafe in the streets of Inverleith, by measuring how much pressure they exert with their hands while riding their bicycles. Read More ›

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October 23, 2018

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