We are uniquely placed to offer a range of services that incorporate the latest research and professional expertise to deliver innovation and impact.

We work across fields as diverse as mobility and transport, parks and greenspaces, and public services and future infrastructure planning.

We support projects and collaborations that range from short-term focussed pieces of work to longer-term explorations, pilots and prototype development and testing. We also design and deliver workshops and innovation events to generate new ideas and opportunities.

Exploring Data

Exploratory pieces of data work to test and demonstrate the value of existing data.
See '
exploring bike data'.

Experimental Data

Creative experimentation with data based on new research.
See '
City Sounds' and 'Data Visualisation for Inequality'.

Participatory Data

Participatory data collection and creation of shared data resources.
See '
Culture and Communities Mapping'.

Collaborative Impact

Cross-sector collaboration for data sharing and collective impact.
See  '
Festival Mobility'.