Global Goals Jam 2017 - Edinburgh

September 15, 2017
September 17, 2017
The Informatics Forum, The University of Edinburgh
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People brainstorming at Global Goals Jam 2017 workshop.

The second annual Global Goals Jam in Edinburgh ran from 15th - 17th September at The Informatics Forum at The University of Edinburgh. It was sponsored by Edinburgh Living Lab and The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, in partnership with The United Nations Development Programme and MediaLAB Amsterdam.  Global Goals Jam is an annual world-wide hackathon where teams design practical, actionable interventions to help achieve the Global Goals.

We spent the weekend developing, designing and testing prototype solutions to challenges in the following areas: poverty, hunger, health, education, sustainable cities and communities. We used data, design and user-centred methods.

The Challenges were:

  1. Oxchain project — How can we design a solution which uses digital technologies (especially Blockchain and smart contracting) to promote more responsible consumption and production, particularly in relation to the global trade in second-hand clothes? [Resources]
  2. Challenges Worldwide — How could bamboo be harnessed to build a sustainable city with the tools and resources to contribute to Global Goals 1-4 (No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & Well-Being, Quality Education)? [Resources]
  3. University of Edinburgh Social Responsibility and Sustainability — Considering climate trends and vulnerabilities, choose an area of Edinburgh that seems most at risk in the face of climate change. Investigate the area and develop a proposal of what incremental and transformational adaptation would look like in that area. Is transformational change required or is incremental change enough to meet the challenges of climate change in the city of Edinburgh? [Resources]
  4. Climate-KIC — How could we support small innovative businesses to reduce carbon emissions from their supply chain by (1) making them aware of the benefits of reassessing their supply chain and (2) calculating their emissions from their supply chain? [Resources]
  5. City of Sanctuary — How can we further develop and improve our approach to collecting and disseminating information that is relevant for refugees and asylum seekers in Edinburgh? [Resources]

The 3 teams presented their work and findings at the end of the weekend:

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