Data, Design and The City

Course Summary

Data, Design and The City is a 20 credit undergraduate course. It is a collaboration between Edinburgh Living Lab, the Schools of Informatics, Social and Political Studies, and Design Informatics at The University of Edinburgh.

This learning-by-developing course focuses on developing techniques in participatory design for the generation, use and impact of data as social and scientific evidence. Today's cities produce an immense amount of data —  just think of open government data, urban sensors, smart homes, and self-quantification. The students will gain foundational concepts and tools for data collection, interpretation, and ethical analysis. They will then take part in a collaborative, interdisciplinary project around a "wicked problem," identified in partnership with organisations in the University, the City or the region. Student teams will develop a prototype intervention, test and evaluate this with potential users, and finally present the results to the problem holder.

Previous courses have explored the themes of Active Travel; Walking in the City Centre; Waste in the City; and The University Food Strategy. Data, Design and The City is a course that combines interdisciplinary teamwork with practice-based challenges.

This course has evolved from a previous undergraduate course, Data, Design and Society. You can see some previous team presentations here.