Rate Your Cycle Routes

Would you like detailed information about cycle routes near your home or maybe somewhere you have never been? Here comes Rate Your Cycle Routes by team Canve.

To encourage residents in Inverleith to cycle more, we investigated local road conditions using a number of different methods, including interviews, a survey, a vote box and participant evaluation. We identified six ‘Cyclability Factors’, that is, factors which we regard as having the biggest influence on how easy and pleasant it is to cycle. We have also devised an algorithm which assigns a score to each road based on these factors. Using this algorithm, we designed a website Rate Your Cycle Routes to provide detailed information on routes and recommend roads for users. It also allows people to give their own rating of roads.

In order to evaluate our approach, we invited people to cycle along routes in Inverleith and to give an assessment of the roads involved. The results showed rating pattern that was similar to the one computed by our algorithm.

What are the benefits of our work? Cyclists will discover new cycle routes while city planners will have a better understanding of cycling conditions in Inverleith.

Website: http://d4icanve.wix.com/bicycle

Screen Shot of Rate Your Cycle Routes website