Green Spaces

Green Spaces by team Vertex asks how we can gather opinions and reflections from residents without being intrusive or annoying. What are the benefits of allowing them to submit continuous feedback at their own discretion and in their own time?

Green spaces in a neighborhood greatly help to encourage a wide variety of participatory and active exercises, and help to create a positive environment and lifestyle for the community. However, it is not always easy to assess and balance the needs of different groups of users, such as cyclists vs. dog walkers vs. parents and children. In this project we investigated the difficulties that local authorities encounter in collecting input from residents on issues such as these.

Exploring different methods of communication, both from the Council to residents and vice versa, led us to create an Android application which allows user feedback on particular locations to be sent in the form of a photograph, a rating and GPS coordinates. Our app is free to download as an APK file.

Twitter: @CyclehackVertex

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