Edinburgh Living Lab is a data and design research lab. We bring together researchers and residents, public and private sector to engage in data-driven design thinking. This is then applied to modern city problems. Through our co-designing we generate insight and innovation towards sustainable cities. We use that to develop data and training resources.

Our three-pronged ‘Data-Co-design-and-Society’ approach combines data science with design thinking, social research, and stakeholder and citizen engagement to develop, test and evaluate innovative solutions to sustainable and inclusive development in the city region.


• A building block for generating insight.
• Provides evidence.
• Tells us what is happening.


• Guides us to new and creative solutions.
• Helps us to move beyond our own awareness.
• Places people at the heart of things.


• Testing ground for exploring new ideas and possibilities.
• The place where we live.
• A system of systems.


Edinburgh Living Lab is an evolving partnership between different stakeholders. It was co-founded by The University of Edinburgh and The City of Edinburgh Council.