We bring people together to solve problems using data and design.

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Edinburgh Living Lab develops innovative solutions to contemporary challenges using data science and design.

We connect the research and innovation activities of the University of Edinburgh with the daily experience of living in, moving around and visiting the city region. We collaborate with city region partners, from large organisations to citizen groups.

We test and demonstrate ideas that improve life in the present and prepare people and places for the future.

We help you do the hard work of innovating with data to create change. From finding out what available data sets are available, to collating and analysing these to provide useful insights tailored to your project, ELL makes it easy for you to use data in novel ways.

We are often involved in pilot projects, experimenting with new tools and methods to address complex and emerging issues. From designing and building bespoke sensors for our Parklife project to using co-design approaches as part of our Property Planning project, we are constantly testing and evolving ways of approaching city challenges.

Edinburgh Living Lab is part of the Edinburgh Futures Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Living Lab works with partners across the city region, to design and test innovative uses of data that address specific challenges, improve quality of life for people and support sustainable and inclusive urban development. It was co-founded by the University of Edinburgh and the City of Edinburgh Council.

Our work is also linked to the Data-Driven Innovation [DDI] programme as part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland the City Region Deal. This reflects the growing importance of data in economic growth, social change, and public services.

We are always interested in forming new partnerships or collaborations.
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We have worked with public, private and third-sector organisations on a range of live projects. These projects deliver impact by addressing contemporary challenges. They are possible as a result of research, innovation, public and/or private funding. We learn something from each, and integrate our findings into our ongoing approach.

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